What Size Tablecloth do I Need?

What Size Tablecloth do I Need?

Puzzled about what size tablecloth you need? Or, do you have questions about custom size tablecloths? This page has detailed information about sizing, and is designed to answer all your questions.

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What size tablecloth is best?

There actually are no fast and firm "rules" on tablecloth sizing. So, the size table linen you need will depend on what you will be using it for, and your personal preference.

For dining, most people like a drop between 8 and 12 inches. You might like a shorter drop if there will be children at the table.

A great way to "see" the drop you will like, is to take a large towel or sheet, and drape it over one end of your table. Then, "you" judge what looks best.

If tablecloths are used on a serving or display table, you might like the tablecloth to drop 15-20 inches, or go all the way to the floor. You may consider the condition of the table legs. Are they attractive? Are they better off hidden?

Tables generally have a height of about 30", but not always... So, to determine the correct size, it is a good idea to measure the height of your table... from floor to tabletop.

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If you are planning a banquet you may want to read our article, What Size Banquet Tablecloth Do I Need?

Square and rectangular table linens, that fall to the floor, should have rounded corners. This is a safeguard to assure that there is not a lot of fabric laying on the floor at the corners of the table, which may cause a tripping risk. All of our standard oversized tablecloths have this feature. If you are ordering a custom size tablecloth, rounded corners can be added at no charge.

After you have chosen the drop you prefer, follow the tutorial below to calculate the exact size needed.

1.Measure the length and width of you table at its largest points.
2. Multiply the chosen drop by 2, and add the result to the length and the width of your table. This will give you your tablecloth size.
3. Order the closest standard size or place a custom order.

If you are unsure of your math, please contact us, and we will figure the size, for you,

DON"T MAKE THIS MISTAKE! Tablecloths are frequently wrongly labeled, as to size. For this reason, it is not a good idea to rely on tag information on a currently owned tablecloth, when choosing the size of a new one. If you like the size of your current tablecloth, we suggest that you actually measure the cloth and not rely on the stated label size only.

What is the difference between a Capsule and an Oval?

Capsule-shapeOften, people think they have an Oval table, when actually the shape is Capsule, also called Racetrack. If you have a table with straight sides and the table has half rounds at the ends, you have a Capsule shaped table. Oval-Shape If the table has rounding on all sides, then your table is Oval.

Many people have round tables which can be lengthened by adding leaves to it. Is it now an Oval?.....Or, is it a Capsule?also Racetrack A round table extended with leaves is a Capsule shape ...since it has straight sides and true 1/2 rounds at each end. You can use the formula given above to determine the size table linen you will need for your Custom made Capsule or Oval tablecloth.

I want my banquet round, rectangular, or square table linen to fall to the floor...?

Square and rectangular tablecloths that fall to the floor should be ordered with rounded corners. For all shapes...If your table is a standard height, add 58-60 inches to the length and width to calculate the finished tablecloth size. Most tables are 30 inches in height, but can measure as little as 28". Always measure to be sure. If the tablecloth drop is too long, it will not hang freely.

Do I want my table linen hemmed?

The most common type of tablecloth finish is called a merrow stitched edge. This is basically a serged edge with 1/4 inch vertical stitching along the edge to keep the fabric from fraying. For a more formal look, you may consider having your linen hemmed. Hemmed tablecloths have the edge turned under twice, 1/2 inch, and then are machine stitched along the edge. Some fabrics do not hem well and look better with the serged edge. These include fabrics that are satiny and therefore a little bit too slick for hemming.

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