Swatch Set of 3

Swatch Set of 3
Item# set3swatches

Swatches are 4.00 for each set of 1-3 swatches. Each swatch is approximately 6" square.

If you decide to buy a tablecloth, swatch cost will be reimbursed up to 4.00/tablecloth.

Shipping for swatches is Free

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After you receive your swatches, it is a good idea to order your tablecloth asap, while your swatch lot is still available. If you wait longer than 2 weeks after receiving swatches, we cannot guarantee that your tablecloth will match your swatch, since it may have gone out of stock. Please read the order instructions below.

    Order Instructions:

  • Order a set of swatches by clicking on "add to cart"
  • Proceed through check-out
  • After giving your shipping and billing information, tell us which 1-3 fabrics and colors you want by leaving the information in the Comments box, at the bottom of the order page.

Swatches generally ship in about a week.