Round Tablecloths

Round Tablecloths
Free Shipping! Our round tablecloths are made in all sizes including custom and oversized. They are available in dozens of colors and many fabrics.... for everyday use or for your special occasion. Simple Plainweave, Elegant Damasks with an embossed design, fancy Silk Taffeta, sparkling Iridescent, as well as Checks, Denim, Burlap, and others.


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  • Made in America
  • Optional hem on some fabrics
  • Restaurant quality
  • Fade-proof
  • Wrinkle resistant fabrics
  • 40 colors and styles
  • Free shipping.

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How much drop is best?

For dining, most people like a drop of 8-12 inches on their tablecloth. For serving tables you may want the drop to be 15 -20 inches, or even to the floor. To figure your size, multiply the drop you have decided on by two, and then add the result to the width of your round tabletop. Or, for more information on sizing, please read our article What size should my round tablecloths be?

Ideas for how to use this shape.

These circular tablecloths look great on Round tables of course, but can also be used on Square tables for special affect. Consider covering your square table with a square cloth in a neutral color ..... then finish the look with a small round tablecloth, over-layed, in a contrasting colors

These tablecloths for round tables can also be covered by a square overlay with good effect. Start with a white or neutral cloth and overlay with a smaller, colorful square.

If you decide to order a tablecloth, please let us know if it is needed by a certain date, so we can make sure you receive it on time. Also, we cannot guarantee exact color shades unless a swatch is ordered in advance, and tablecloth is ordered within a 10 days of receipt, since computer monitors can change the colors, and fabric colors can change from lot to lot.

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