Oval Tablecloths, two shapes

Oval Tablecloths, two shapes

Free shipping! Oval tablecloths can be custom made in any size, and either as True Ovals or as Capsule shaped tablecloths (also called Racetrack). Choose from dozens of lovely colors and many fabric styles... everything you need for everyday dining - or your more formal special event.


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Is your table a True Oval, or is it a Capsule shape?

Many people think their table is an Oval, when often, it is actually a capsule shape. This misunderstanding leads to disappointment when the wrong shape is purchased, and the tablecloth doesn't fit. This tutorial will help you determine the true shape of your table, and guide you in acquiring a custom made tablecloth that will fit your table perfectly.

capsule shape The Capsule has straight sides and 1/2 rounds (true 1/2 circles) on each end. A round table extended with leaves, is an example of a Capsule shape table.

The True Oval has rounding on all sides, True Oval-shape and no straight sides.

What if my table is a combination of the True Oval and the Capsule.... or my True Oval has leaves?

We can make that too! This table will have true oval ends, rather than true rounds, and straight sides. Just request a quote for an elongated True Oval, and let us know the length and width of your table, and the length of the part which is straight. Please contact if you need help.

Many wide fabrics
* 2 Oval shapes
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Please follow this guide to determine the size you need, and request a price for your custom made oval or capsule tablecloth. If you are not sure of your math, just give us the facts (table size, shape and drop desired) and we'll figure it out for you.

1. Measure the length and width of your table, at its largest points, to the nearest inch.

2.Choose the drop that you want. Most people like a drop between 8-12 inches for dining. For serving or banquet, you may want it longer, or to the floor.

3. Multiply the drop you would like by 2, and add the result to each of your table measurements... length and width. This will give you the tablecloth size.

4. Decide on the fabric and color you want.

5. Email your quote request using the email button at the top of the left hand column. These are generally responded to within 24 hours.

Since computer monitors can change the colors, and fabric colors can change from lot to lot.we cannot guarantee exact color shades unless a swatch is ordered in advance, and tablecloth is ordered within a 10 days of receipt.

Below are all of the fabrics available. Take a look at some of the Custom made Oval and Capsule tablecloths at the bottom of this page to get an idea of our prices.


Plainweave - Tablecloths for everyday use -132" wide, 74 colorsExcelsior Damask Fabric for Formal Events & Holidays- 118" wide 1 color
Leaf Damask 5 colors, 120 wideTwill Cotton/Polyester 120 wide, 20 colors
 Picnic Checks  Gingham- 72" wide,7 colorsReversible satin/silk 120 wide, 39 colors
Regal Satin Stripes 12 colors - 60" wideMatte-Satin  16 colors - 54" wide
3 Burlaps, 2Machine-washable Burlaps and Jute - 120 wide, 26 colorsDenim Tablecloth Information 2-Colors 64" wide
Stardust Iridescent fabric  information - 50" wideSilk-Taffeta Tablecloth fabric - 90" wide
3- Jacquard Specialty Fabrics - 54" wideRibbons & Bows 9-colors - 54" wide
Racing Checks Table linen fabric Picnic Checks  Gingham- 72" wide,7 colors
Satin Pinwheel 9 colors - 52" wideLattice placemat fabric