Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted Tablecloths
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Fitted tablecloths are available as custom items. They can be made in any size and in round, square or rectangular shapes. Available in 29 colors and many fabrics...plain weave, Rose Damask, Featherleaf Damask, Denim, Burlap, Silk Taffeta, Checked, and Iridescent, and more. Best of all, the shipping is free!

Features of Fitted Tablecloths:
  • Most fabrics are machine washable
  • Fade proof, won't shrink
  • Hemmed finish or merrow stitched edge
  • Matching napkins available


Free shipping on all orders

1/2 PRICE NAPKINS with All tablecloth orders

Custom 2-sided Napkins are available in any fabric, paired with an absorbent Plainweave.

How do I determine the size I need? Please follow the instructions below to determine the size you need, and request a price for your custom fitted tablecloth. If you need assistance, we would be happy to help you.

1. Measure the length and width of you table at its largest point.

2. Measure the height of your table....generally this is 29-30"

3. Decide on the fabric and color you want.

4. Email your request using the email link below. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Fitted square, round and rectangular tablecloths generally ship in about 10 business days, but can ship more quickly if needed.

See all of our colors and fabrics choices

PLEASE Email FOR QUOTE for Fitted Tablecloths

Custom Fitted Tablecloth 72L X 18W X 30H, White plainweave
Custom Fitted tablecloth 12H X 42W X 102L, Champagne Satin Stripes
Custom Fitted 60W x 180L x 42H, White plaineweave
Custom Fitted 18W X 53L X 22H, Black Plainweave
18 X53X22Fit