2-sided Custom Napkins - Any fabric

2-sided Custom Napkins - Any fabric
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Some of our fabrics don't make good napkins because they are not absorbent. Custom Napkins can be made however, with your fabric of choice on one side, and an absorbent plainweave fabric on the other. This way you can have a matched set for your tablecloth.

The napkin shown at the top of this page is Natural Burlap/Plainweave Ivory. The size of custom napkins is 20X20.

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Please note....Prices are 11.00/each napkin, not per dozen. These can be purchased in any number. Custom Napkins are not included with our current napkin offer.

Please order by fabric, and tell us your color choices by leaving the information in our "comments" box, during check-out. See all fabrics

Custom place mats

These are priced a little more than the napkins, depending on what fabric you choose and what size you want. These can be Oval, Round, or Rectangular. Email for custom quote.

PLEASE Email for Place Mat quote