90X132 Tablecloth Info

90X132 Tablecloth Info
This page is for your information only, to order the 90 X 132 Tablecloth, please go to our Rectangular tablecloth page and choose the fabric you like.

The 90 X 132 tablecloth is a size that is specifically made for a rental banquet table, measuring 30 X 72 inches, seating 8-10 dinner guests. However, it can be used on other tables and will fit tables measuring as large as 70 inches wide and 112 inches long.


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Tablecloth finishes - merrow and hem

The 90 X 132 can be finished with a standard merrow edge, or with a hemmed edge. The merrow finish is a serged edge with fine stitching along the edge, to keep the fabric from fraying. The hemmed edge is turned under twice 1/2" , and then machine sewn in place. Both edges are attractive. Please see the picture, at left. The merrow edge is Lime.. the hemmed edge is Apricot.

When used as a banquet tablecloth, this size will fall to the floor and hide the metal legs of the fold-up banquet table. Tablecloths that drop to the floor can be a problem because of excess fabric at the corners sticking out too far. To ensure no possibility of a tripping risk, our tablecloths of this size are made with rounded corners. If you are not using the 90 X 132 tablecloth as a banquet table, and would prefer the corners to be squared, this can be customized by special request, at no cost.

90X156 Tablecloth on Racetrack Table

These large tablecloths can be used on Oval and Racetrack shaped tables, as well as on the standard rectangle. When used in this way, the corners on the tablecloth will drop more deeply than the rest of the tablecloth. See tablecloth on the right.

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See fabrics and prices for the 90 X 132 Tablecloth